WOD – 6/4/11

For time:
Run 5K

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10 Replies to “WE ARE SPARTA!!!!!!”

  1. Best of Luck to all the competitors today and congrats to Deb- I know the muscle up has been a goal you worked hard for. You can float on the cloud of achievement for 3 days, then get a new goal and get back to work !!

  2. I didn't run with them because I signed up to late so I ran with my friends and it was probably the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life

  3. If it is anything like the video, you guys are my heros. Hope someone has pictures.

  4. We all made it through as a team… I'm not sure what was worse, the rocks under the mud that we crawled through under the barb wire (my elbows and knees have the worst cuts I have ever seen!) or rolling through the ice under the barb wire. I will let the others vote. But all and all it was a great CFR experience. Well done CFR Spartans!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Kevin! I'm ready for the next goal…
    Matt – I wish we had seen you! We were there until 2:30 just hanging out watching the others. We would've cheered you and your friends on!!
    Bonnie – we do have some phots – I'm sure you will see some on the post this week!!
    Thanks for all the support!

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