Spartan Race 2011, Tuxedo NY!!

We had a BLAST at the Spartan Race this past weekend and the event definitely delivered what was promised! Let’s see….we ran and hiked, but that’s a given! Then we scaled walls, threw spears (not at each other…ha), and carried all sorts of objects, including a nice sized bucket of ROCKS! To makes things more interesting, there seemed to be a barbed wire fetish as we crawled under some in the woods, then some more (about 160 yds worth) up hill in knee deep mud, and finally over ICE!! Our bodies, beat and bloodied, it was a functional application of fitness and showed us why indeed we do CrossFit!!

All and all, what was most important, was that we did it as a TEAM! We moved from one evolution to the next TOGETHER and we had FUN!

Some of the pics have already been posted on Facebook and we will get them up on the site soon! More will be added as they come in.


New Location Update:

We are almost all set to move into the larger space, BUT of course we hit at little snafu and things have been pushed back by a few days. As of now, our revised plan is to only shut down for one day to allow us to move the floors over and is set to occur this Friday. Classes will resume on Saturday, but you’ll have to ignore some of the activities going on around you. Come Monday, all will be back to normal…..well as normal as CFR gets!!

Even though the box will be closed, we will still be having our Paleo Potluck to vote on our Whole30 Challenge winners, award the prizes, and have some FUN! Janet has offered to host this event for us at her house and we can’t thank her awesomeness enough! Details will be posted soon, but start thinking on what you would like to bring. We are looking for volunteers to bring paleo desserts, dishes, drinks, etc. and as usual CFR will of course provide the beer albeit not paleo 🙂


WOD – 6/6/11

Five rounds for time of:
30 Double-unders
20 Box jumps (24”/20”)
10 Kettlebell swings (53#/35#)

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