Tales of a Traveling CrossFitter – UK Edition, Day 8

I thought the day would never end!! Went to work at 8:30AM and didn’t get back to the hotel till 12:00AM!!! When I got in, I had to stop every urge in my body not to crawl into my bed and enter a coma. As I stood staring at my bed I remembered there was a WOD that needed to be done and quit is not in my vocabulary! It was not my best day on the river, but my times were 1:45, 1:48, 1:56, 1:55. All of my rows (as you can see from the pic) were a little over 500m by the time the clock stopped, but I am not gonna cut hairs over the few seconds I am just too bloody tired!

Now you might have noticed that I did FOUR rounds….NOT FIVE! Rumor has it your coach yesterday…cough….cough…DREW…did NOT pay very close attention to what the WOD was supposed to be the day. He made you ALL do FIVE rounds instead of FOUR! For the record, this is the same guy who thinks you should do burpees every time you arrive late to class! Now granted that is a cool rule which we will be implementing soon, but the fact is….it was HIS idea! With that being said, I think fair is fair!!! So here is what Rob is going to do to rectify the situation….

Figure that extra round took an average of two minutes. So at the start of EACH class today, you will ALL watch DREW do burpees for TWO minutes! He does not need to go all out, but he does need to make them consecutive and keep moving the entire time. I am relying on you guys to keep him honest and since he has been called out publicly, failure to comply will result in some form of very public humiliation! This is your chance to get on your coach with the support of the entire CFR Staff!! So set the timer for 2 min and have at him!!


And now back to our previously scheduled program….


After the WOD, I watched this show on the “tele” called “The Guinness Worlds Records TV Show” and they had these two British bodybuilders come out to challenge the world record for the longest time holding a 40kg (88lb) weight (with both hands) outstretched in front of them…which was basically the top position of a front deltoid raise for all you former meatballs (Yeah, Yeah…I was one too). Now they happened to use this large bag, but I guess any 40kg weight would do. So here is the CFR Challenge of the Day….since we don’t have any 40kg weights, the men will use a 32kg kettlebell and the women a 24kg kettlebell and see how long you can hold it in this position. One of the dudes was able to hold it for 57 seconds!! Post your time to the comments section along with your WOD times and that means even if it is only 1 second.

I did look near and far for a video of it, but no luck! However, in the process I come across ALL SORTS of interesting stuff which I will pocket for later posting pleasure, but today I will leave you with this guy…We all understand how mobility makes you a better athlete, but this dude took it a little TOO FAR!!!



WOD – 1/18/11

Seven rounds for time of:
3 Front squats (185#/135#)
7 L-pull-ups

Post time to comments.