Tales of a Traveling CrossFitter – UK Edition, Day 7

I feel bad watching the lemmings in their tank, but it is only a matter of time till they too are free! Viva La CrossFit!

Well I had a little too much fun with my “date” Friday night, so I didn’t exactly make it down to Liverpool on Saturday….a big BOO on me….I know!! But today was a new day and yonder to the pool of livers I went!

My first order of business was a trip to a little place where I would learn exactly what put Liverpool on the map….any guesses? Okay here is a hint…..
“The Beatles Story” was full of pretty neat memoribilia and fun little facts. I must admit, I almost lost myself when I heard….”We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine” and only your coaches will know why, but that’s okay 🙂

Next, I figured since the Premier League was in session and there just happened to be a Livepool game going on, what a better place to watch it then in a Liverpool pub! Now I have seen my share of “fans”, but these folks love their futbol (soccer) like a fat kid likes cake! Holy smokes….I have never seen anything like it! So you JETS fans better step your game up! Cause these Brits know how to show love for a team!!

After that it was time to tour Albert Dock, which must have been tourist hot spot #1 judging from the crowd. I felt right at home with all the other camera snap happy people and was the first time I didn’t feel like such a “wanker”…HA…I even met a bloke from Kansas! I must have walked at least 10K today, but I just couldn’t get enough of the infrastucture in this city! Actually, I feel the same way about Chester (where I am staying). I mean we call buildings old, as in like 1776 old…HA…most of the stuff around here as been around for thousands of years, as in….built by the Romans! Now that is legitimatly OLD!!

I go back to the grind tomorrow and there are only 3 days left for the Traveling CrossFitter. Plan is to do the same WOD as you guys, so lets see how it goes. It is designed to be an all out 500m effort each round so if your coaches see you dogging it, they have full rights to make you do burpee penalties! Until we speak again….stay classy….



WOD – 1/17/11

Four rounds for time of:
Row 500m
Rest 3min

Post time to comments.

5 Replies to “Tales of a Traveling CrossFitter – UK Edition, Day 7”

  1. Great times on the board today by EVERYONE. Suz, it was nice having you teaching today.
    I cant believe forearms are still fried from chest to bars…lol. Anyway,

    1:39 (PR), 2:04, 1:52, 1:54, 1:48

  2. 10:00 a.m. class Steve O, Luis, and Jenn… You guys totally ROCK!!! KILLED IT!!! Nice consistant times, and to think, Steve O was SICK, Luis has rowed once since HS, and Jenn has only rowed once in her life a few weeks ago, NIIIIIICE!!! Oh, and, thank you Steve O…. It was my pleasure to coach you guys =) And one more thing, thanks Drew for the extra 5th round, HA, Mr. Pukie and I almost had a run in, lol!!!

    Sub 2:00 row for me =) thanks D!!!!

    1:49/ 1:54 /1:58/ 1:57/ 1:59

  3. Had my first Early morning work out today. What a way to wake up. Killer workout.
    1:33.2/ 1:38.1/ 1:42.9/ 1:44.0/ 1:41.3 I seriously wanted to crawl in a ball and die. Hope everyone loved it as much as I did. See you tomorrow.

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