Tales of a Traveling CrossFitter – UK Edition, Day 5

Meet my date for the evening 🙂

Today was rough…super early to work….got back pretty darn late and as I put my gear on to tackle a WOD at the hotel I thought to myself…it’s Friday night…I’m in the UK…the heck  with this I am gonna go “tie one on”! So here on my rest day of zen I am going to share with you all of the random thoughts I have had thus far on this trip which were not quite enough to make the cut for their own post.

Random Thought #1:
It rains…then rains again, then rains some more, then it finally stops…oh wait…nope…more RAIN!!! I know you have all heard about how much it rains in the UK, but it is totally true. I have been here a total of 5 days so far and it has rained nearly every second of it. I actually got to see the sun today, but by the time I stood outside to enjoy some rays, it down poured on my noggin! Seasonal Affective Disorder here I come!!!

Random Thought #2:
The people here are incredible! Everyone has been so chill. Be it from educating me on the historical importance of certain things to the reason why the Brits do the things the way they do, they have just all been hands down genuine and I have a ton of respect for that! It is such a nice change of pace from….well…NY!

Note: If your ever in the UK make sure you are aware of one thing…the Brits do not like the Welch and visa versa. I could do about a five posts on why….lets just say it is what it is.

Random Thought #3:
I heard my first UK POLICE siren today. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing but total love and respect for our brothers in blue no matter what country…and it is okay that their cars could be outrun by a moped, BUT please oh please get these boys a real siren. As this POLICE car passed me, the sound it made was some where between the sound a rubber duck makes when you step on it and a dogs chew toy!!! I have a great idea…let’s get one of these babies to Newark and see what happens..HA!

Random Thought #4:
CRAP…I forgot #4….oh yeah….where does everyone go on a Friday night? I have been to three spots that look pretty legit to me, but…..ECHO…Echo…echo…The bartenders say it is because it is January and it’s the slow season. I don’t buy it! I think it’s a conspiracy!

Funny story…as I was having a drink at the hotel bar, a waiter comes up to me as I was talking to the bartender and it went like this…
Waiter: “Did you like the sandwich earlier”
Me: “Me?”
Waiter: “Yes, didn’t you order a sandwich from room service?”
Me: “Um no”
Waiter: “Oh, he sounded just like you…all you Americans sound alike”

Have an awesome weekend! I am off to Liverpool tomorrow and if I get back early enough there might be a bonus Sunday post, but no promises!!



WOD – 1/15/11

Three rounds for time of:
10 Muscle-ups
75 Squats

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