Tales of a Traveling CrossFitter – UK Edition, Day 2

Sing it with me…”Don’t…go chaaasing waterfalls”

Hello people and welcome to Day 2 of my little adventure in the UK!! I need to come right out and be truthful with you folks. After sleeping a total of about 6 hours since Sunday morning, I made the executive decision to take today as my rest day and get some zzzz’s. However, since I made you all suffer through that run-and-row-a-thon, I felt it only fair to subject myself to the same tomorrow. I actually did that WOD about 2 years ago and it sucked a** back then so I am just overly exited to do it again!!!

On my rest day of bliss, I have decided to share with you my thoughts on the restrooms here in the UK and we begin our tour into Modern British Bathroom Engineering today by taking a look my thrown.
Now what is so special about this “seat” is the way in which water usage is considered. Back home in the US a flush is a flush, but here in the UK they have taken flushing to the next level. Above the toilet you see a fancy chrome plate, but what might not be obvious from the picture is that there are actually TWO buttons which you can press…yes a toilet with options!! Button #1, which can be found at the tip of the triangle, only gives you a quick rinse of H2O and is used for those quick NUMBER ONE like moments, but when the time comes that you find yourself in need of a NUMBER TWO moment (Fish & Chips will do that to you), have no fear because Button #2 is just for you and gives you a full flush making your throne as good as new!

Next, we visit my shower…only one door? Did I not pay enough to get two??
I still haven’t exactly figured out the point in this other than it is kinda nice to get some open air as you shower, but I am willing to bet that housekeeping has a different opinion on this bright idea!!! What a bloody mess!

Now I have saved the best for last and finally bring you to the mirror that won’t fog!!! Totally awesome!
Basically, the entire wall is one huge mirror, but after my shower I noticed that the section above the sink will not fog! I have repeated this test a few times now and each time results in the same perfect clear square right above the sink. Now not to name any names here, but I know of a certain someone who could probably save a chunk of time doing his hair with this…Don’t worry Pete I already got the contact information of the vendor who supplied the hotel with this…I got ya buddy!

This concludes our tour of Rob’s bathroom and we promise to resume our normal scheduled programming as of tommorrow…



Due to the inclement weather….

ALL AM classes have been CANCELLED for today. Please stay tuned to the site or the CF Rockland Facebook page for additional updates regarding our schedule for the remainder of the day.


WOD – 1/12/11

Overhead Squat

Post weight(s) used for each of the 5 attempts to comments.