Tales of a Traveling CrossFitter – UK Edition, Day 3

They have these Give-A-Ways all over the UK, but I have yet to get my prize? Hmmm…maybe I need to wait by the sign a little longer next time.

Speaking of signs….I totally need to start paying better attention to the signs…especially when traffic is flowing the wrong way…well it is of course the right way for them, but not for ME!! Today for the second time, I almost ended up as a hood ornament for a Citroen as I walked the streets of Chester! Sure our parents always taught us to “look both ways” before we crossed the street, but as we get older we all do the same over the shoulder look when we cross the road! Well that habit spells some bad news when you look over your left shoulder, see the road is clear, only to hear the sound of a screaming horn come from your right as your life flashes before your eyes…good times….good times!!!

History lesson…does anyone even know why the Brits drive on the left side? Well let me tell you…

In the Middle Ages you kept to the left for the simple reason that you never knew who you’d meet on the road in those days. You wanted to make sure that a stranger passed on the right so you could go for your sword in case he proved unfriendly. This custom was given official sanction in 1300 AD, when Pope Boniface VIII invented the modern science of traffic control by declaring that pilgrims headed to Rome should keep left.

Life must have been so cool back then. Just imagine some bloke walks up to you that you don’t like, you just grab your sword and cut his head off. I think we need to resort back to the olden days. It might help some of the congestion issues getting in and out of the city!

I hope you all enjoyed the snow and ps…I did that row-and-run-a-thon WOD from yesterday…totally awful…what kind of a person programs stuff like that…hahaha!!!



WOD – 1/13/11

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of:
Wallball shots (20#/14#)
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

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6 Replies to “Tales of a Traveling CrossFitter – UK Edition, Day 3”

  1. 9:17 Sxd – 20#ball not such great chest-to-bar. and I need to work on those kipping pull-ups, Invented by the great Dr. Kip himself.

  2. not a lot of rest time built into this workout…it did NOT get much easier at the end…lol

  3. 6:21 Sexified (that is what SXD stands for right?) with regular pull-ups after the first round of 10. Thank you for not allowing us to do it again Drew. Tomorrow should be fun!

  4. Way yo go guys!! That was a good quick WOD.

    Funny you should say the Pinkie…I was looking at the board and wondering what Sx'd could stand for.., sexified is great!

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