Bobby using a little “elevation” to help his team.


WOD – 8/18/12

Partner WOD

For time:
Run 400m & Row 500m
35 Med ball passes (20#/14#)
50 Deadlifts while partner holds handstand position (250#/175#)
35 Med ball passes (20#/14#)
Run 400m & Row 500m

This is a Partner WOD in which the following will be completed according the sequence above:

Run/Row Combo: Partner 1 begins a 400m run while Partner 2 rows 500m. Once this is complete both partners will switch and Partner 2 will run 400m while Partner2 rows 500m.

Med Ball Passes: Partner 1 and Partner 2 will face each other on opposite sides of the pull-up rig cross bar and perform the same movement as a wall ball shot, except instead of the wall, the ball is going over the bar and to each other for a total of 35 passes before moving to the next movement.

Deadlift with Handstand Hold: Partner 1 will kick-up and hold handstand position (against the wall). Once Partner 1 is in position, Partner 2 will begin the deadlift reps and continue as long as Partner 1 is able to hold handstand. Once handstand is lost, partners MUST switch places. This continues until 50 deadlifts are completed by the team.

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