Just close your eyes and count to 10!

How about this for a CrossFit Rockland birthday ritual?? I know we have some birthdays coming up…hmmmmm

WOD – 10/11/10

Ten rounds for time of:
185 pound Deadlift, 10 reps
20 pound Wallball Shot, 10 reps

Post time to comments.

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  1. 12:57 – scaled to 95# deads and 8# wall ball (note to self, the little hard med balls are painful when you catch them with your chin. They also choke you if you try to catch them with your windpipe…)

  2. Hey, great job today Staci….sick and all!! It was nice meeting you finally. And good advice for others… catching hard med ball with windpipe is not recommended! lol

  3. 13:54 – 75# dL, and 16# wall ball. I had a bit of an ace venture moment during squats… LACES OUT …even the squishy med ball hurts when the laces hit you in he chin. does anyone know what i'm talking about?! anyway, bad ass staci. welcome to the crew 🙂
    yeeee haaaa kiddies!!!

  4. by the way… burpee birthday challenge is a terrible idea… I LOVE IT. and im turning 30 in march. i'm gonna regret this, but I think im gonna do it!

  5. little rough Rob after front squats yesterday!
    Rx'd 15:34
    last two rounds broke DL's into 5/5 other than that everything else unbroken. trachea burning.

  6. Awesome job by the early crews today! Especially those of you who "took it in the chin"…guess that will be a lesson learned by all!

    Oh…Jackie…you SO shouldn't have said that…well yes you should….hahaha…but don't blame me "IF" the wod that day just HAPPENS to be a burpee mile!!! I am sure it will be a great way to make new friends…LOL!

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