I know Mr. Miyagi didn’t have CrossFit for Daniel, but if he did I could see him saying: “Balance, not just CrossFit only, lesson for whole life. Whole life, have balance, everything be better.”
Now go find your balance…

WOD – 10/12/10

Snatch Balance


Post weights for each of the 7 attempts to comments.

8 Replies to “Hai…Daniel-San”

  1. I'm tempted to make a dirty joke about the snatch but I think I'll just post my info and call it a day!
    5 sets of 3

    I'd say I had a successful first experience with the snatch (ohhh man the dirty jokes I want to post!!!!! Keep it clean jD. Keep it classy!)

  2. Here at CrossFit Rockland we're always trying to hit a nice snatch. There I started the dirty jokes for the day, now keep 'em cuming….that's two dirty jokes in one post people, step your game up

  3. All I know is I am so proud of our 6 AM crew….man do we have some clean snatches at CrossFit Rockland….HA!

  4. I’m glad to finally be doing snatches. I was getting tired of jerks

    just did some skill work, did work to those snatches

  5. i feel like the mother ship has called me home… a blog where i can talk about working out and make sexual innuendoes?!!!? I love crossfit. good work you dirty bastards.

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