Here fishy fishy

Bertha has TWO new friends….I introduce to you…Thelma and Louise!!!

As you can see, some of our new equipment has started to arrive!! This includes not one, but TWO band spankin new C2 rowers! Just look at them…makes you want to row right now…right? Well, don’t you worry, there will be PLENTY of fun rowing WODs coming soon!! Until then let’s warm these ladies up with same GAMES!

We will start by doing a little fishing at CFR. If your not familiar with the C2 Fishing Game, no worries, just ask your coach and he/she will explain the rules and how to play. As of today, we have a C2 Fishing Game Leaders Board (although we will jazz it up in the months to come). There is no limit to how many times you can play, but if someone is waiting to get on, finish your game and get your butt up!! We will be posting the top 5 scores so lets see who can stay on top the longest!!


WOD – 1/6/11

Three rounds for time of:
10 Clean & Jerks (135#/95#)
30 AbMat sit-ups

*Clean is a full squat clean for this workout.

Post time to comments.

8 Replies to “Here fishy fishy”

  1. Made in Heaven? I think not! lol It was made by Rob and he is far from being in Heaven!!

    Great job kid

  2. How can something learned in kindergarten possibly be one of my goats?? Just soooo bad at the situps. first round unbroken only.

    7:49 with 95# Great job Jackie!

    good 10 am crew with Tim, Juli, Freddie and yours truly.

    Tim and i cashed out with some single rep squat cleans at 135#

  3. Nice work Steve O. Still working on DU. HAd a great time at the 10am on my day off. Started to the day off right, slept in, worked out.
    7:19 with 95 lbs. Cashed out with DU and Squat cleans at 135.

    As always great time in the box.

  4. good work boys! wish i could have played around with you guys at 10am! Pete, i miss you this morning! I was there AGAIN!

  5. yeah…about the rest days… has been so much "fun" lately that i have been blowing off the rest days…so far still feeling ok

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