Ready for some more 50’s?

Why is Rafael running to the CFR door so fast…is it because?
a) He is running late to class.
b) He has to go the bathroom really bad.
c) He is hauling tail to get back inside because it is 17 degrees outside at 6am and his coach still made them run.

If you picked “C” you are RIGHT!! Rafael has been killing it in the early morning 6am class! Way to go Raf…keep up the good work!!!


WOD – 1/5/11

For time:
50 Ring dips
Run 400m
50 Push-ups
Run 400m
50 Handstand push-ups
Run 400m

Post time to comments.

6 Replies to “Ready for some more 50’s?”

  1. Can't make it to the box today. What should I do instead, I have access to another gym however.

  2. Dear Mr. Pink, You can suffer just like the rest of us… jD says do the WOD at the gym!! But i'm no expert 😉

    triple S workout… Shoulder Shot to Shit! im sore already, but had a blast with my 6am crew. love you fools.

    21:20 sRx

  3. Due to the train wreck, Orangetown ambulance corps insisted that Drew scale it down to 21-15-9
    21 ring dips, push ups, HSPU's (to ab mat)
    400 M run
    15, 15, 15

  4. Wait..did Mr. Pink just say he can't make it to the box for a RUNNING WOD??

    Okay well IF you must train at a Globo Gym at least have fun and do something crazy to get them all looking at you like you have lost your mind. If you get escorted out that would be a bonus and will earn you a Guinness on the house 🙂

    21-15-9 reps for time of:
    95# Overhead squat
    Handstand push-ups
    400m Run

    Make sure you drop the bar from overhead and make a scene, then do your HSPU against a pretty wall or better yet a mirror, and then haul a** through the gym like your returning a punt to finally get to the treadmill which you "reserved" by leaving your stuff on it. If you have Vibram 5 Fingers, wear em…LOL!!!

    Seriously though…if you need a WOD to do on the go just email me or shoot me a txt and I will give you something based on what the gym has available.

  5. lol Rob…just stay out of the dark alleys after today. "running wod" my butt! Could not wait for the run…lol

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