Have you been practicing???

Anyone who has been crossfitting with us for a while knows that the double-under is the one skill that tends to just “not show up” on any given day. You could be the double under “king” (yeah, yeah or “queen”) and still enter a WOD which has double-unders and POOF… 1… miss …. 2,3,4 …. miss!! First you curse the rope, then it must be your shoes, finally you just come to the conclusion that the entire world is just plotting against you. So I wonder who will the double-under troll get today? 

WOD – 10/14/10

Three rounds for time of:
21 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
12 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
100 Double-unders

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7 Replies to “Have you been practicing???”

  1. 100 double unders??!!! i wish i didn't have off tomorrow. can we do this sometime soon coach rob?!!! soooooo funn 🙂

  2. Yeah nice job Steve-O!!! I remember a time not too long ago when double-unders used to haunt you!!

  3. Double-unders may bite sometimes, but apparently Steve bites back!! lol Good stuff dude

  4. The last set was broken into 5 sets of 20. Would have been much tougher if i didn't scale KBS to 50#. Rob wanted it between 15-20 min so it was perfect.

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