Death by Floor Mats!!!

Each one of these suckers weighs almost 90 lbs!

Today our flooring finally arrives…all 6500 POUNDS of it! But unfortunately, they are leaving them curbside! So it is looking like a double WOD day for a few of us brave souls. Our mission (WOD#2) will be to move this load from point A to point B for time! Now we would NEVER want to be accused of keeping all of this fun to ourselves, so if anyone wants to come lend a helping hand just let me know.

Lets go Constantly Varied High Intensity Functional Movement don’t fail me now….

WOD – 10/15/10

Three rounds for time of:
135 pound Hang power cleans, 15 reps
15 Burpees

Post time to comments.

7 Replies to “Death by Floor Mats!!!”

  1. i know i volunteered like 6 months ago to help but working all day Friday. Are you doing it during the day or the evening?

  2. No worries Steve-O we know you would help us if you could! Besides doing what you do with the FDNY is FAR more important that helping us move a few mats!!

  3. dude, i remember the floor mat experience–those things are deceptively heavy and awkward…hope you guys prevailed!

  4. Sucked like a really good WOD! It sucks while you're doing it, but when you're done you know you did SOMETHING good! lol

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