Double Dutch anyone??

Jocelyn Foster from CrossFit West Santa Cruz getting her snatch on!


I sure hope you folks have been practicing those double-unders. It is the only way you are going to get better at them. Like most things practice will make them easier, but just because you are not a “Double-under King” does not mean you should not attempt them in a WOD. Heck…as I posted before, even if you ARE a “Double-under King”…..sometimes on any given day your double-unders just go on strike!! Don’t get me wrong, if you are only able to get 1 double-under in about 3 minutes of practicing then SURE scaling to singles is the way to go, but if you are able to get a bunch or string a few together, then why not go for it??

So keep jumping kids and one day you can look like Buddy Lee 🙂


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WOD – 12/23/10

Snatch Balance:


For time:
250 Double-unders

Post weights used for each of the 5 snatch balance attempts and time for the double-unders to comments.