Cause you got the power!

Is this bar on its way UP or DOWN? There are some clues in the pic…let’s see if you can find them.


WOD – 1/8/11

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Power Snatch (95#/65#)

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  1. My guess is he is on his way upp….elbows at 45 degree angle,on the balls on his feet!

  2. i thought bar was on it's way down…it has reached the height of his elbows and feet look to be setting up for the landing position.

  3. But if you look close into the audience they are not clapping. If he or she just snatched that much weight you better believe people would be clapping.

  4. Good eyes folks!! Those are all great observations and show that you have been paying attention lately….that ROCKS!!!

    In reality, it was kind of a trick question. Juli had a GREAT observation regarding the scarecrow position, BUT if you look closely you will notice that his feet are already off the ground AND his knees are bent. This indicates to us that he has already reversed his position and is on HIS way down…HOWEVER…notice how I said "HIS way down", but the question pertained to the BAR! The bar at this exact moment in time is actually a fixed item in space and is the point where he "swings" to get underneath the bar, thus the bar is neither on its way up nor down, but actually neutral!

    Now before you start throwing rocks at me….I know it was a TRICK question, but it did get you guys/gals thinking and that is totally awesome!!

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