In a few hours I will be off to the UK and will be posting my tale of a traveling Crossfitter. Although the majority of this trip will be work, I am sure I will be able to find some time for play and will keep you all posted on what a CrossFitter is to do while traveling abroad.

The bags are packed full of free range beef jerky, dried fruit, almonds, and of course Lara Bars!! The only piece of exercise equipment I have brought is myself! Okay that is not totally true…I did pack a lacrosse ball, and although I could technically do some wallballs with it, I plan on using it to improve my mobility and undo the damage of sitting in the plane for 8 hours. I will be creating my WODs based on what is available to me at the time…maybe a gym…maybe some rocks…or maybe…just maybe a CF Affiliate in Manchester??? You will just have to stay tuned and find out.

Until then…..Cheers!!


WOD – 1/10/11

 Four rounds for time of:
10 Back squats (155#/105#)
7 Ring dips
4 Rope ascents

Post time to comments.

9 Replies to “BRILLIANT!!!”

  1. brilliant? cheers? Claire would be proud of this blog 😉

    Today's WOD humbled me. NO matter how strong I get or how hard I work, there will ALWAYS be crossfit shit that I simply don't have … YET!

    105# back squats
    ring dips with purple band
    rope climb progression (ass on the ground, pull to standing position)

    Bloody hell.

  2. Kudos to Pete for a firebreather time (even scaled "up"!)…i am humbled by it.

    Me: Rx'd in 12:23 failing on the final rope climb kept me from getting under 12…ugh!!!!!!

  3. good job everyone !
    11:29: 155 squat, bar dips purple band, 3/4 rope climb, ended up doing the last rope rep barefoot, and I would not recommended it haha

  4. the socks weren't working, so you might as well go bare foot!

    8:31 with ring dips purple band , 3/4 rope climb, and 95# squat. Since I'm new to squatting, I wasn't sure what my squat weight is so I figured it's better to be safe then sorry.

  5. Humbled this "Firebreather" alright! Not too bad given I've NEVER done one single rope climb till today, and I managed to get all the way to the top a few times, YAY, so I'm pretty stoked with my performance and time. Steve O, you were my hero!!! Only today, so don't get used to it 😉 Lot's of fun!!! Thanks everyone!!!

    Squats above RX 135#
    Ring dips RX
    Rope climbs, sigh…
    Round 1) 2xall the way to top, YAY!!! 2×3/4 of the way
    Round 2) 3×3/4 of the way, 1×1/2 way
    Round 3) 1×3/4 of the way, 3×1/2 way
    Round 4) 4xsit to pulls

  6. thanks Suz…super having you around and of course your posts are always very creative…you rocked it today as always!! I won't get used to it either…i know you like to keep me in check.

  7. Got my ass kicked in the rather large 6pm class today! Ha totally did it Sx'd. 65# back squat, and rope climbs from the floor to standing (I don't know what that modification is called). But I'm still proud! 🙂

  8. Great job everyone! This was a fun one!

    Steve-O…. while that may have been a firebreathers time, I am definitely not one! Probably more like lucky I'm breathing! hahaha Thanks though.

    PS – I hate rope climbs! and Matt….barefoot??? wow you are definitely tougher than I!

    Good stuff

  9. haha I thought it would work and it did i guess i got up the rope. the soles of my feet would beg to differ but I'll take it haha

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