Burn baby burn!!

You know your pants are too tight during a squat when…..


So rumor has it someone STILL got rope burn on their leg yesterday despite my warning! Oh yeah, that would be ME! Solid proof that sometimes even your coaches put on their “Idiot Suits”! Well, needless to say……I WILL be buying some LONG SOCKS this week!


Don’t forget to save the date…Our 1st Annual CrossFit Rockland Holiday Social is set for Friday, December 17th 2010!!


WOD – 12/9/10

Find your 3 rep max Back Squat in 15 minutes, then:

For time:
150 Push-ups

You may only rest at the top of the push-up in the plank position, if you can no longer hold the position or complete a push-up and need to stop, you must complete one CFR Shuttle run prior to continuing with your push-ups.

Post time and 3 rep max Back squat to comments.

2 Replies to “Burn baby burn!!”

  1. burgener warmup, pry squats and snatch balances pvc
    3 x 5 power snatch with 65, 75, 85#
    DL 230 x 5
    210 x 5
    Press 110 x 5
    100 x 5
    2 minute accumulate L sit

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