A little “Cleaning” before the Holidays

Can you name this CrossFit HQ superstar???


The dreaded Olympic lifts…I am not quite sure why they get such a bad wrap or why everyone in the “commercial” fitness world pretty much avoids them like the black plague, but unless you are part of some Division 1 athletic program, it seems that you never get exposed to these glorious movements. Well……until now!!

The Olympic lifts not only promote great strength gains, but they challenge the central nervous system of your body. The ability to fire the right motor units in proper sequence are key to a successful lift. As we age, sit at a desk and succumb to the death of our hip flexors (sorry folks, office chair=hip flexor death), we lose the ability to move because we simply just don’t. However, the Olympic lifts not only teach or re-teach movement patterns, but it is an excellent way to build both speed and power. Whether you are using PVC pipe or a PR attempt at 405 (I wish), you are training your body to move better and faster.

Now there are many variations of these lifts and at CFR you will do them all!! So don’t be afraid when you see things like Full, Hang, Power, etc. as we will explain, demonstrate and teach these movements to you until they become second nature. Best part is…after you make a lift, you get to drop it like a bad habit…now where else can you do that?


WOD – 11/19/10

Hang Power Clean

Post weight for each of the 7 attempts to comments.