A “Fran”tastic good time!!!!

Our Whole30 Challenge WINNERS…..Kelli (3rd), Matt (2nd), & Danni (1st). 


Things are just about all squared away in the new space and we are super stoked with how things are turning out!!! With that being said, I figured it would be fitting to start our first week in the new box with…..yup, you guessed it…..”FRAN”!!

For those of you doing “Fran” for the first time….your gonna LOVE her!! We spent some time with “Fran” back on Valentines Day and for some of you it was your first time with the “first lady of CrossFit”, while for others, it was well….just another “hot date”! Yet, no matter how many times you do “Fran” she manages to leave a hurt on you like no other….ooohhhh am I EXCITED!!!!

Who’s gonna add their name to the list of sub 3 minute “Fran” times?! As Rx’d of course 🙂


WOD – 6/13/11


21-15-9 reps for time of:
Thrusters (95#/65#)

Post time to comments.

Compare to 2/14/11.

10 Replies to “A “Fran”tastic good time!!!!”

  1. Janet and Rick,
    Thanks for a great party….this is what sets this 'gym' apart from all the rest.

    Congrats winners…you look awesome.

  2. What a freakin blast! That was a great time and although Kelli, Dani, and Matt won the challenge, everyone is actually a winner! You all look amazing!

  3. Yeah it was awesome seeing him do it!
    Suz was right there on her muscle up attempt also! I know next time she will kill it!

  4. It felt amazing and can really feel an all around difference in myself since joining the group! Thanks for support!!

  5. Eric, you and johnny almost nailed that muscle up also! You killed that Fran workout today! I'm pumped you are part of the 0930 crew lead by our resident fire breather Suz and Coach Drew!

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