Get your ZEN on at CFR!!

Add another name to the Muscle-up Club!!!! Nelson NAILED his FIRST muscle-up yesterday! What’s even more awesome is that Nelson has only been at CFR less than a MONTH! Okay, okay….truth be told he HAS “dabbled” in CrossFit before, but had not really messed with the rings until NOW….YEAH BUDDY!!!! 


Tired of hearing us preach about mobility?? TOUGH!!! The closer you become to a supple leopard, the better your CrossFit results will be! Granted I am about as flexible as a popsicle stick, but I have noticed huge changes in my performance when my joints don’t feel like they have sand in them! Sure we use the lax balls, rollers, bands, and all sorts of torture toys, but there is ANOTHER way…..YOGA!!

As of this week, you will now be able to get your weekly dose of ZEN at CFR! Starting this Saturday, CFR will be hosting a weekly yoga class at 11:15 AM. Cost is only $10 per class, so come down and get BENT UP with Linda 🙂


WOD – 6/14/11

Complete as many rounds in 15 minutes of:
1 Rope climb
10 Push-ups (Hand release at the bottom)
20 Box jumps (24”/20”)

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11 Replies to “Get your ZEN on at CFR!!”

  1. Phenomenal! I don't know who was more excited you or Armando 🙂 Why couldn't I get any of those athletic genes…lol? I am perfectly fine with adding some hair to your photo and pretending that it was me…lol Very proud of you! Mommy says that she would like to see you compete. How exciting! Keep up the great work!

  2. Kathleen….there is no need to photoshop Nelson, you will be there soon enough!! Oh YES you WILL!!! Just think of all you CAN do now that you couldn't do before on-ramp 🙂 Nelson has the BAMF gene and so do YOU!!!!

  3. Way to go Nelson!!!! Congrats! Now you can beat Suz!!! 😀 Love you Suz but now he's got something on you!! Time for you to get it done! lol

  4. Ooooohhhhh…..Them fightin words…LOL!!!

    Don't worry Suz, until Peter hangs up the rest of the rings, you got some time till I can program them!

    Get to WORK chica 😉

  5. HA ha ha ha ha 😉 Love you back Pete and Rob! AND! You're lucky cuz I woulda handed you both one of my "Sicilian" A-S WHOOPINZ =) XO!

    I actually came on here SPECIFICALLY to congratulate Nelson and "OOMP DERE IT IZ, oomp dere it iz." However, I now have to add EJ to my list of people who have one over me =) So, with that, CONGRATULATIONS to 2 of my favorite athlets, Nelson and EJ, for accomplishing something I have yet to conquer 😉 Although, I am learning with my palms turned out, sooooooooooo, watch out, cuz once I get one I can guarantee I'll string 'em together, HEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAW!!! Now I better get to work, YEAH!!!

  6. @ Pete, THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT, love ya!

    @ Rob, YES!!! Not sure if he got a 2nd one or not, or if it's on camera. I didn't see him in motion, but I saw him on top of the rings and he says he did =)


  7. That's awesome! Congrats Eric!! We are like a MU factory!! This is GREAT!!!!

  8. I'm like 2 yrs away from a MU lol. I'm just trying to keep up with you, Suz and Nelson. You guys motivate me!!!!

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