Today CrossFit gyms across the nation (and world) will gather together to honor those 31 HEROES killed in action on August 6, 2011 with a WOD in an effort to raise funds for programs that provide support to the families affected by this tragedy and ALL fallen heroes….past, present, & future.

Funds raised for this years event will be split three ways going to the following organizations: Snowball Express, the Travis Manion Foundation‘s Challenge Grants program, and the memorial funds of each of the men killed in action August 6, 2011. Please check out the websites of these great organizations for more information about what amazing things they are doing in the lives of surviving military families!

Heats will begin at 10AM and run till everyone registered has finished. For the regular scheduled class today (at 9AM) a modified version of this WOD (posted below) will also be performed. 


WOD – 8/4/12

Complete as many rounds as possible in 18 minutes of:
200m Sprint
2 Rope climbs
20 Box jumps (24”/20”)
10 Thrusters (115#/80#)

Post rounds and reps completed to comments.