Letter From John G!

John G. getting it done overseas!


“To all my CFR family (yes that includes AMRAP(CFRS). 
I do apologize for the delay in sending these pics.  It has been about 6 weeks since I was last able to Wod with you all.  A quite eventful 6 weeks.  The pictures show the “Pebble”(our CF gym.)  It is a bit small, with  basic equipment.  2 concept 2 rowers.  A ghd.  4 bars and plates.  KBs up to 45 lb.  And a 6 bar pull-up rack. Oh, and a power rack.  As you know my size, you can estimate the size of the Box.  it is enough to do the job.  There is a small CF community here.  The larger gym (there are 2) are approx. 10,000 sq ft.  Large Globo gym types.  Lots of cardio machines etc.  I have spoken with lots of folks from the smaller Bases.  Most have a small CF box.  It is popular with the infantry types.
Life here revolves around the mission.  We work 12 hour days and are now at the point where we can schedule a day off per person.  You work, eat work out if so inclined and sleep.  Very basic.
The base itself is set in a broad valley.  We are at 5000 ft of elevation.  The mountains that surround the base range from 10,000 to 12,000 ft.  It is spectacular.  For any mountain lover it seems to be an ideal destination.  (of course there are a few small obstacles to seeing these mts.  You know, like Taliban, mines/IEDs.  Rocket attacks.  Some of the people are just not friendly toward us Americans (go figure)  Consequently we stay on base.
The altitude and time change kicks your but.  Working out can be difficult until you get acclimatized.  I did not do much for almost 3 weeks.  We have a group that has started Insanity classes.(a pretty good wkout)  I use it and then do my WOD.  I had to start with some modified easy wods just to get back into shape.  I have now gotten back to the point that I am doing my full WODS.(I did Cindy and Fran over the past 4 days.  Cindy was 18 rnds p/us and 1 push up-1 rnd better than my PR.  Fran time was  8 min 10 sec.  About 10 sec  better than this fall at CFR.  So I am now back.  When I get back in May I will have to see how my body does when WODing at sea level!  Fun will be had.
John L is just outside my base.  He is going to come in on his day off and we will WOD.  Hopefully the mission will allow this to happen.
We have a level one here who will judge for us.  So that means we can try some of the CF Open!
To anyone that cares to drop me a line.  E-mail or Facebook or snaill mail.  Any questions are game (almost) and all contacts will be enjoyed (by me!)
Have a good rest of winter, May you WOD well and kick butt in the Games!


We MISS you John!!!! THANK YOU for doing what you do to protect our FREEDOM! Take care of yourself and get home safely!!!

If any of you would like to reach out to John, he can be contacted at John.Galvany@bgab.afcent.af.mil 


WOD – 2/20/12

“CF Open WOD 11.1”

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 Double-unders
15 Power snatches (75#/55#)

Post rounds and reps completed to comments.