Let’s try a STRONG start to the week!

Now that’s TEAMWORK!!!


Schedule Update:

Please be advised that our schedule will be changing starting next week. We will be moving both the 9:00am & 10:00am classes up a half hour to 9:30am & 10:30am. In addition, we will no longer be offering the 7:00am & 8:00am classes, as these two class times did not seem to be popular with the masses…lol! However, as always, our policy remains that if 5 or more people would like to train during a given time slot which is not offered, we will do our best to accommodate.

Making these changes will allow CFR to focus it’s resources more effectively on the classes we currently have along with some other cool things we are working on, such as our “On-Ramp” beginners program and some more fun stuff we got up our sleeves 🙂


WOD – 1/31/11

Power Snatch:

Post weight(s) used for each of the 5 attempts to comments.

7 Replies to “Let’s try a STRONG start to the week!”

  1. As an avid CrossFitter I want to shout out how truly important it is to hit-up the strength wods. I've been noticing a lack of enrollment in the classes on strength days. I used to do the same, but since I've added strength wods religiously to my regimen my strength, speed, and endurance have all increased and I've become an all around better athlete. I feel so strongly about this I had to add. I hope to see more of you participating on strength days. It is"CrossFit" afterall =)

    I also want to shout out to beautiful "Juli" for showing up today, a strength day, and for the vast improvements you showed in our short one hour of time today. You are truly an inspiration and I love working with you. Keep up the great work!

  2. You know Suz….this gets me thinkin……..

    Maybe we just have a Hopper Deck week…..mwaahahahahaha!!

  3. @Mr. Young =): Drew and I were talking today about that… YES! We need a "hopper-deck" week in our upcoming forecast, HA!!! Strength wods are an equally important component to "CrossFit" as metcon wods. What CrossFit's all about is being equal in power, strength, speed, endurance, agilility, and flexibilty. One will never reach their full potential without strength wods. Let's do it!!! "Hopper-Deck-Week" is on the horizon…

    @Matt: Congrats!!! We ALL need to work on our form… The snatch is by far the most technical and difficult lift to master =) Good luck and happy CrossFitting!!!

    Power Snatch for 3:
    Thanks to Coach Drew for helping me work my power-snatch today =)

  4. 95-105-115-125-95 My whole body is still hurting from 2 saturdays ago with ray suz v and deb. Whatever a Hopper Deck is, I am game. Lets have some fun!!!

  5. Thanks for the reminder Suz! Strength days are important, even more so for the girls! And learning the olympic lifts on top of that! Definitely an important part of CrossFit! Gotta love it 😀

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