Get ready for some PR’s because our friends at Strength Specific Seminars are coming back to CrossFit Rockland as we host another Bronze Level Olympic Lifting Seminar on Saturday, August 24th!

Spaces are EXTREMELY limited and we can promise that this will sell out quickly (as it did last year), so please do not wait. Breyen and the rest of his crew at SSS have mentored the likes of: Annie Sakamoto, Kris Clever, and um…Jason Khalipa, just to name a few. The day will begin at 9AM and the cost is $250 payable HERE.

I don’t want you to simply take our word for it just because they gave us a whole bunch of PR’s last year, so I am providing some details on SSS below:

“More than just an Olympic weightlifting seminar company, Strength Specific Seminars is a brand. Born out of a backyard idea, Billy Bybee put down on paper (a fraction of) his ideas about Olympic weightlifting movements, and sought an avenue in which to drive them to as many CrossFitters as possible. He turned to his friend and co-founder Breyen Canfield and within weeks, they had reached hundreds CrossFitters from Wisconsin to California, with almost a 100% PR rate.

It wasn’t too long before word spread through the CrossFit world that Strength Specific Seminars was the best place to go to learn the snatch and clean & jerk. Since its inception in November of 2011, SSS has worked with everyone from competitive weightlifters to CrossFit Games champions, and Olympians to brand new CrossFitters who had never even touched a barbell before attending the seminar.”

But wait there’s more….

Strength Specific Seminars will also be sticking around on Sunday, August 25th to offer a Silver Level Olympic Lifting Seminar! This seminar takes things one step further and really focuses in on 1st, 2nd, & 3rd pulls, along with programing for specific athletic needs and competition. Pre-requisites for this are the successful completion of the Bronze Level. This day will begin at 9AM and the cost is $350 payable HERE.

**Register for BOTH the Bronze Level Olympic Lifting Seminar and Silver Level Olympic Lifting Seminar and receive $100 OFF the combined price!!!**

And YES…these seminars are also being sponsored by Kill Cliff, but I assure you this is purely just a coincidence and has nothing to do with my own personal addiction to the stuff…LOL!!!

Soooo what do you say…let’s get you registered (Hint: Use the drop-down menu)


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