WOD – 7.1.18

Coach Phil

July 4th Holiday Hours
Mon (7/2) – Regular Class Schedule
Tue (7/3) – Regular Class Schedule
Wed (7/4) – 9:30am ONLY (No Class Cap)

Workout of the Day
For time:
Run 5K

WOD – 8.6.17

Workout of the Day
Get out of the gym!

Run 5K

***CrossFit Rockland will be closed for the day***


Facility Update:

We are planning to relocate CrossFit Rockland to our NEW facility this weekend! In order to do this we will need to shut down for a few days to get everything transferred over. There will be “At Home” WODs posted throughout this short period and everyone is more than welcome to come down and give us a hand (which would be very much appreciated). Our relocation schedule is as follows:

6/11 (Thurs) – Last WOD in Otown Location
6/12 (Fri) – CLOSED
6/13 (Sat) – CLOSED
6/14 (Sun) – CLOSED
6/16 (Tues) – First WOD in Greenbush Location

Workout of the Day (At Home)
For time:
Run 5K

WOD – 9.2.14

A class full of...jerks! Ha!
A class full of…jerks! Ha!

Workout of the Day
For time:
Run 5K

WOD – 8.13.13

Shoulder Distraction!
Shoulder Distraction!

1) The “No Baby Leave Your Socks On” Competition is this Saturday! That being said, we have about 15 ladies doing this comp and most of us will be heading down to show our support! Johnny has volunteered to stay behind and coach some sessions before heading up to join us, SO….this Saturday CFR will ONLY host an 8am & 9am class with all other classes being cancelled. In addition, Jules has designed custom socks for this event which are on sale NOW!

2) The Whole30 Challenge is almost OVER!!
    -Post WOD testing will occur this week in the same order as the Pre WOD testing.
    -Post Pictures and Weigh-In will be offered on:
8/14 at 8:00am, 10:30am & 8:30pm
8/15 at ALL DAY
8/16 at 8:00am, 10:30am & 7:30pm
    -Voting will occur on 8/19 thru 8/21.
    -Post Whole30 Happy Hour and Winners Announcement will be 8/23 from 7:30-9:30pm.

3) There are only a few spots left in both the Bronze Level and Silver Level Olympic Lifting Courses from Strength Specific Seminars so don’t wait any longer! They will be at CrossFit Rockland on August 24th – August 25th! Additional information along with full registration details can be found HERE.

Workout of the Day
For time:
Run 5K

Competitors Class
Complete the following complex EMOM for 12 minutes:
1 Squat snatch
2 Snatch drops
1 High hang squat snatch
*Use 55%-60% of 1RM squat snatch

Bulgarian Split Squats – 3×15 (AHAP)

Tabata Row Game

WOD – 7.16.13

Get out there and RUN!!!
Get out there and RUN!!!

Whole30 Update:
Day 1 is in the books and the Whole30 Challenge at CrossFit Rockland is underway! As promised at our Q&A session, we will be posting a variety of resources for you to use throughout the challenge. These links will vary from cool recipe sites and Whole30 Approved foods, to educational materials and support information to help you negotiate the non-Whole30 world out there 🙂

These first set of links is a collection of useful educational information written by Whole9 which we like to call…..”The Manifesto Series”:
The Grain Manifesto
The Legume Manifesto
The Dairy Manifesto

Workout of the Day
For time:
Run 5K
*It’s hot out there, so please stay hydrated!

Competitors Class
Bench Press – 5×3

AMRAP of 1 AbMat strict HSPU, rest 2 minutes
AMRAP of 2 AbMat strict HSPU, rest 2 minutes
AMRAP of 3 AbMat strict HSPU, rest 2 minutes
*AbMats are stacked on top of each other

Dead hang hold – 1:00on/1:00off x 3
*3 burpee penalty each time you drop from the bar. Penalties will be performed during the rest periods.

5K Friday

YUP! That’s right folks, the 5K is BACK! Now, I am not even going to try and trick you into doing this one with the famous “???”….BUT…I am expecting a NORMAL day of attendance. If statistics are low, guess what Mondays workout is gonna be 🙂

Workout of the Day
5k Run