WOD – 7.16.13

Get out there and RUN!!!
Get out there and RUN!!!

Whole30 Update:
Day 1 is in the books and the Whole30 Challenge at CrossFit Rockland is underway! As promised at our Q&A session, we will be posting a variety of resources for you to use throughout the challenge. These links will vary from cool recipe sites and Whole30 Approved foods, to educational materials and support information to help you negotiate the non-Whole30 world out there 🙂

These first set of links is a collection of useful educational information written by Whole9 which we like to call…..”The Manifesto Series”:
The Grain Manifesto
The Legume Manifesto
The Dairy Manifesto

Workout of the Day
For time:
Run 5K
*It’s hot out there, so please stay hydrated!

Competitors Class
Bench Press – 5×3

AMRAP of 1 AbMat strict HSPU, rest 2 minutes
AMRAP of 2 AbMat strict HSPU, rest 2 minutes
AMRAP of 3 AbMat strict HSPU, rest 2 minutes
*AbMats are stacked on top of each other

Dead hang hold – 1:00on/1:00off x 3
*3 burpee penalty each time you drop from the bar. Penalties will be performed during the rest periods.

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