Z Day is coming…….you’ve been WARNED!!!

Coach Drew is ready……Are YOU???


The 2011 Whole30 Challenge v2.0 at CrossFit Rockland is just about OVER! Remember here is what you’ll still need to do:

  • Have “post-photos” taken at the box TODAY
  • “Post” weigh-in at the box TODAY

* Only the photos are required for prize eligibility.

Voting will occur during the 2011 CrossFit Rockland Zombie Apocalypse (if we survive) and the winners will be announced after the party.  So make sure you sign-up and join us TOMORROW for a Paleoween you won’t forget!! Any costume is welcome as long as it’s ZOMBIFIED!!!!!!


WOD – 10/29/11

For time:
10 Ground-to-overhead (135#/95#)
10 Double-unders
8 Ground-to-overhead (135#/95#)
20 Double-unders
6 Ground-to-overhead (135#/95#)
30 Double-unders
4 Ground-to-overhead (135#/95#)
40 Double-unders
2 Ground-to-overhead (135#/95#)
50 Double-unders

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