You feel lucky…..PUNK??

“The Hopper Deck” is BACK!!!

First person in the door will get to pick from the deck! No pressure or anything, but the self imposed suckfest for everybody will be in your hands…Have FUN!!


Don’t forget the CFR “Sweaty Sweetheart” week long event begins MONDAY!!! Starting this Valentines Day bring your spouse, domestic partner, BF/GF, “Friend(s) with Benefits”, or whatever you crazy kids are calling it these days, to CrossFit Rockland and let them WOD along side you so you can show them what CrossFit is all about….Now that’s LOVE!!!


WOD – 2/12/11

“The Hopper Deck”


5 Replies to “You feel lucky…..PUNK??”

  1. You should be more upset about not showing up for the 11:30 "Beast Throwdown!" You soooooooooo missed out!!! You missed me breathing fire and crushing my big toe on my right foot =( Dropped the 45# bar on my foot during my 2nd round–kept pluggin away though. Earned the nickname "AP." Gave it to myself! Bet ya can't guess what it stands for…


    500 meter Row
    Squat Snatch (75#, 45#)
    Wall Ball (14#, 20#)
    500 Meter Row

  2. HA!!! You're so sweet Steve O 😉 Actually, and sadly for me, "AP" stands for accident prone, but I'll take always positive too, YAY!!! I try 🙂 Missed ya this week… Maybe next week??? See you tomorrow???

  3. nah…i won't visit Fran unless i am forced to. Gonna be at work so gonna do Saturday's Hopper Deck WOD

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