WOD – 7.18.13


Strength Specific Seminars is coming back to CrossFit Rockland on August 24th – August 25th! This time to offer both the Bronze Level and Silver Level! Spaces are LIMITED!  Full registration details along with all the other cool information can be found HERE.

Workout of the Day
Take 20 minutes and find your 1RM power clean.


For time:
30 Turkish get-ups (53#/35#)
*Alternate arms after each rep. Only good safe reps will count.

Competitors Class
Complete the following complex EMOM for 12 minutes:
1 Power snatch
2 Snatch balance
*Use 70%1RM power snatch

Complete the following EMOM for 12 minutes:
Odd: 15 Unbroken wallballs (20#/14#)
Even: Rest
*Additional minute will be added for each time the ball touches the floor (not including the rest period).

ME Sled Push (135#/95#) – 3 attempts
*Does not include weight of sled. This is a max distance attempt.

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