WOD – 10.17.13

Guess which one is Larissa?
Guess which one is Larissa?

Most of you do not know this, but one of your fellow CrossFitters (Larissa) will be participating in the Light The Night walk on Sunday. She lost her first and best friend to non-hodgkins B cell lymphoma and has made it one her life’s missions to help aid in lymphoma and leukemia research in any way that she can! If you would like to participate with Larissa or donate to her fundraiser please click the link provided below:


Workout of the Day
Six rounds for time of:
Run 400m
30 Double-unders

Competitors Class
Clean & Jerk Conga Line – 10 Minutes (AHAP)
*In teams of 3-4, line-up and complete as many C&J reps as possible in 10 minutes. Team only gets one bar/weight to use. All clean & jerk variations are permitted.

Five rounds of:
3 Min AMRAP followed by 1 min rest:
5 DB Deadlifts 45#/25#
5 DB Hang Squat Cleans 45#/25#
5 DB Push Press 45#/25#

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