“When I dip, you dip, we dip”

Same CrossFit HQ superstar…different movement!


Okay, so we promise not to draw lines on you, but this is how you should look during the “dip” phase of the push press….and push jerk for that matter! Notice the bar is fully in the rack position, bar is over the hips and also the midline of the foot to allow maximum force production during the “drive” phase. This position will help transfer the force created through your hips to the bar and result in you nailing some pretty good lifts!! It’s always a good feeling to know you could press some good weight overhead…but please don’t go home today and try lifting your husband or wife overhead…okay do it, but make sure you capture it on camera so I could post it here!

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WOD – 11/23/10

Push Press

Post weight for each of the 7 attempts to comments.