Welcome To The NEW CrossFit Rockland Website

Hey everyone!!! Notice anything different?? That’s right CrossFit Rockland has a new look and we are super excited about it! As some of you know, it has been a long journey and there might be some hiccups along the way as we continue to transfer content, but HECK YEAH was it ever worth it! Our new site has loads of new features and content, so have fun, browse around and check out your new virtual home! The first question you probably have is…..

What’s that button in the top right corner of today’s post? Well I am glad you asked…lol! It’s a new CrossFit Workout Tracker for you to use. Click the Whiteboard button to add your score for today’s workout. Each athlete who tracks their score will automatically get an athlete profile on our new Athletes Page where you can search your past workouts and track your progress. Use it and let us know what you think!

Workout of the Day
Front Squat
Find your 3 rep max.
Use 30 minutes to find your 3RM.
For time:
75 Toes-to-bar

Competitors Class
5 minute back squat test (185#/125#)
*For 5:00 complete as many back squats as you’re able. You may not rack the bar until the 5:00 is up or the test is over.

5 minute shoulder press test (75#/55#)
*Same rules as above…no back rack either!

ME deadlift hold – 1 attempt (250#/175#)

ME 50ft sled push test – 3 attempts
-30 seconds for 1st attempt
-45 seconds for 2nd attempt
-1 minute for 3rd attempt
*This is the time in which you have to move the sled from point A to point B. Choose wisely 🙂