Week 1 in the books!!

Beth goes inverted!


Week 1 of the CFR 2011 Whole30 Challenge is in the books and based on some of the feedback we have been hearing so far, you guys have been doing REALLY WELL and have already started to see results! To top things off, you also made it through a full week of HERO WODs during our tribute week! Granted it wasn’t initially planned this way, but when news broke late Monday night, it just had to be done! Last week was nothing but straight up SOLID work!!!

Let’s get down to business….

By now we are quite positive that you are starting to experience some “situations” when interacting with friends, family, or co-workers regarding your new “diet”. How do we know? Remember….we have been there too. In fact, some of you looked at us the very same way at first (no worries we still love you). So how do you get through your 30 days, or even adopt a Paleo lifestyle with all of these haters around? Well the easiest thing would be to send them our way, but let’s face it, that is not always possible, so here are some tips….

How to win friends and influence Paleo written by Whole9
The Paleo Pitch written by Whole9


WOD – 5/9/11

Push Press

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