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Paleo Potluck Update:

The Paleo Potluck will be this Friday at Janet’s house from 7-11pm. We have posted a sign-up sheet at the box, so if you haven’t done so already, please sign your name next to what you wish to bring. CFR already called dibs on the paleo (cough, cough) beer!


New Location Update:

We will be moving into our larger spot this Friday and could use a few extra hands. We will need help in the AM moving the floor mats over for them to install next door and will then need some help in the PM to move some of the gear before we head over to Janet’s. Each mat weighs about 80# and the rest of the stuff is self explanatory. Since the box will be closed, you can look at it as a functional WOD, “Move CFR for Time”! Who’s in??

We will resume classes on Saturday, but will also be looking for a little help after the classes are over.


WOD – 6/8/11

Bench Press

Post weight(s) used to comments.

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