The Picture Game…..

Ah yes….The Paleo Potluck of June 2011.

So as I was looking back at the memories from our last Paleo Potluck, I came across this pic…..Anyone else see what I see??? I will give you a hint…it has nothing to do with Coach Staci, Mr. Pink, Coach Suz or Billy Beards….who is left….hmmm 🙂


WOD – 6/23/11

Take 15 minutes to find your max Shoulder Press


For time:
Row 2K

Post results to comments.

9 Replies to “The Picture Game…..”

  1. Hahaha I was told by my old Gunny Sgt to never trust a man having a drink out of a straw lol

  2. Chad says he definitely didn't have a straw in there and it must be photoshopped! I dunno Chad!!

  3. Hmmm….what's more believable….Rob used photo-shop or Chad used a STRAW?? I still have to go with Chad used a straw and while drinking a GUINNESS too!! That is like a double party foul!!

    Ps…Chad….If I was going to photo-shop it, I would have put a balloon in your other hand! Now that woulda been PERFECT!

  4. I have no idea how that got there. The mischievous looking Mr. Pink looks a little too happy or definatley a photo shop. did janice even stock straws that night? Perhaps i brought my own. Dont Hate

  5. I thought the straw was TOO obvious… I guess I was right, HA!!! I was there and I remember the straw, lol! Don't call my friend Rob a liar =) Rumor has it ya get more buzzed drinking through a straw??? Chad???

    @ EJ, CrossFit Lauderdale =) EEEEEEEEEYYYUP!!!

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