The Paleo Solution

Is that….could it be….the legendary…..ROBB WOLF?!

Last weekend while some of you were dripping beer on peoples heads at the Rockland Boulders game…hahaha….Drew and I took a trip up to Boston and attended the very last Paleo Solutions Seminar.

I cannot even begin to describe what a great learning experience it was for both of us. Reading Robb’s book was one thing, listening to what he had to say was a whole different story! The seminar promised to focus on the geeked out stuff which is why we went. I mean come on…what’s better than some Biochemistry and Deadlifts! What was interesting was that in addition to the CrossFitters, we found Harvard post-docs, Pre-Meds, Chemists, Physicians, you name it! There were also a few folks who previously suffered from auto-immune disease before paleo basically saved them!! This tells us one thing…..We’re on to something folks and it’s only the beginning!

So guess what????

We’re gonna run a second Whole30 challenge in October!! We will be making some tweeks in our recommendations and share some of our NEW knowledge with you along the way. Of course in true CrossFit Rockland fashion, we will end the challenge with a PALEOWEEN PARTY, but I am not going to spoil all the fun just yet! Details will be posted in the weeks to come, but don’t be surprised if you see a few changes 🙂


Speaking of “paleo”….Our last Paleo Potluck BBQ of the summer is TOMORROW at Shaun’s House!! If your your looking for the address, just Contact Us or shoot us an email at Don’t forget, we posted a sign-up sheet at the box, so write yourself down for what you wish to bring!


WOD – 8/26/11

Power Clean

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