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“This job is killing me” might be a truer statement than you thought!

Sure we all need to go to work, it’s how we put food on our tables and beer in our glasses, but it can be a super uncool place for us (yup, I am one too) “corporate athletes”. The office is riddled with dangers and I am not just talking about your boss. From the donuts which seem to find their way to the break room EVERY single day to the chair you hibernate in for 8 hours, all you will find are things which will most certainly not make you perform any better!! But let’s face it…we are indeed stuck here, so we need to make the best of it.

Last Saturday, Matt and I got to talking about office chairs and what happens to your body when you sit all day. Simply put, your office chair = hip flexor death! I wish I could put it any other way, but it is the truth! However, all is not lost….

You are in your office for what….7 or 9 hours a day on average? Good! This means you still have 15-17 hours to un-glue your junk! Okay fine, you must sleep, but that still leaves you with a good 7-9 hours of other stuff! A great place to start is obviously by doing some mobility work at the box, but it would even be more jazzy if you did it at home too. Figure in the time it takes to finish that glass of wine, you could be mobilizing! Heck….do it at the same time, it’s that simple! I have mentioned this before, but Kelly Starrett has been running his mobility project for a while now. There is NO ONE better equipped to help you un-glue your junk than him. Just go to his Mobility WOD and let him show you the way. 

However, it doesn’t all need to be done after work. There are some great little changes you can make during the day while your earning that pay check. Check out “16 Tips for Desk Jockeys” written by Mark Sisson (author of the Primal Blueprint).

Show your hip flexors some love people….until then I will work on some ways to free us from the “office donut fairy”…..


WOD – 4/6/11

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 min of:
500m Row
400m Run

Post rounds completed to comments.

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