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The 2014 CrossFit Open

The 2014 CrossFit Games season is upon us as CrossFit HQ has announced the start of the 2014 CrossFit Open on February 27, 2014!

CrossFit Rockland will again be one of the registered CrossFit Affiliates to host all 5 weeks of the CrossFit Open. However, we will be doing things very differently from previous years. So here is the deal….

We want everyone to participate (we REALLY do), but understand that formal competition is not everyone’s thing. Last year of the 40 or so who participated, there were many more who did not, leaving behind SO many amazing experiences to be had participating in this as a COMMUNITY!  So we have decided to do the 2014 CrossFit Open OUR way! Here is what this means:

We will be running the 2014 CrossFit Open in 3 Divisions as follows:

BEGINNER: Athletes eligible for this division have been at CFR for 3 months or less. Scaling for this division will be appropriately based off the notion that you have pretty much just finished on-ramp!

SCALED: Athletes eligible for this division are able to do all WODs programmed at CFR with some scaled modifications. Scaling for this division will be based off average scaled models we have seen used during WOD participation and will be scaled to be the most inclusive of the 3 divisions.

Rx: Athletes eligible for this division are able to do most WODs programmed at CFR as Rx. There will be no scaling in this division. In addition, athletes who participate in the Rx Division may also choose to participate in the CrossFit HQ Official Open ranking system. In this event, we will also provide qualified judges, validate scores & video tape (if required) to accommodate your entry. Athletes choosing to participate in the CrossFit HQ Official Open will need to pay and register through the 2014 CrossFit Games Site, subject to their terms and conditions.

**Only Rx athletes participating in the “official” CrossFit Open will need to register through HQ. ALL other athletes participating in either of the 3 divisions will register with US at CrossFit Rockland**

Why? Because we are hosting our OWN Open! With our OWN community! With our OWN prizes!

We want everyone to participate in this so much, that we have created a way to do this internally so that EVERYONE can enter, regardless of fear or skill level! We will be doing the same WODs (with appropriate scaling), same scoring system and same FUN, but you will only be compared against those same folks you have grown to love at CFR on OUR leaderboard.

For ALL participants, heats will run during the 9AM, 10AM & 11AM classes. To help us stay organized, we will still use MBO (our class sign-up system) to have everyone sign-up for which class they will attend and heats will be assigned accordingly. Based on the number of folks registered to compete with CrossFit Rockland for the Open, we might add additional sessions.

Still not feeling it…no worries, you can still register for class as normal, do the WOD and go on your merry way. Just know all are welcome at CFR during the Open! So come down and show your support for the athletes participating!

Here are the final details…

WHEN: 5 Saturdays – 3/1, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22 & 3/29
WHERE: CrossFit Rockland
WHO: CFR Members Only (with exception of a few “distant” relatives…lol)
COST: $20

Registration will begin 1/15 and run till the week before the start (2/21). We would like to get an accurate head count as soon as possible so please register at the box soon! We can’t promise top prize money or the fame of ESPN, but we can promise an amazing experience amongst some of the most incredible people we know.

We will also be looking for volunteers and judges to help us with each weekend. If interested, please send me an email (

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