The 2013 Intrepid Summer Challenge – June 22, 2013

Even the Judges had fun!


The close of the 2013 CrossFit Games Open and the start of Spring means lots of cool things! Of course there will be more running…lots and lots of it…lol, but there will also be more happy hours and more COMPETITIONS!!!

To kick things off this year is The 2013 Intrepid Summer Challenge!

We also started last year with this event (known as The Warwick Summer Challenge at the time) and it was the 1st competition for many! We had a complete BLAST and would like to bring an even larger crew this year!! There are 2 divisions for the Men (Open & Masters 40+), as well as, 2 for the Women (Open & Masters 40+). The challenge is designed so that everyone can complete so scaling will not be allowed. 

Full details for the event along with registration information can be found HERE.

If you would like to compete in this event with us, don’t waste any time! Spots are limited, so please complete your registration as soon as possible and place your name on the Intrepid Summer Challenge List which will be posted at the box.


WOD – 4/16/13

“The Boxer”

Complete twelve rounds of the following:
In 3 minutes:
Sprint 200 meters
25 Double-unders
With remaining time, do as many reps of burpee power cleans (95#/65#) as possible

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

In this workout you are required to complete at least six rounds. After the sixth round you may “throw in the towel” at any point. Your score is the total number of burpee power cleans completed. 

Post number of rounds completed and score to comments.

Compare to 5/7/12.