The 2012 CrossFit Open Registration Starts TODAY!!!


The 2012 CrossFit Games season is OFFICIALLY upon us!

CrossFit Rockland will again be one of the registered CrossFit Affiliates to host all 5 weeks of the CrossFit Open which begins February 22, 2012. This year we will be doing things a little differently as we are encouraging MANY more athletes to participate! So here is the deal….

We will host the CF Open every Saturday once the competition begins. Now we know formal competition is not everyone’s thing, so both the 9AM & 10AM classes will be used to offer either scaled versions of the CF Open WOD or allow athletes to do the CF Open WOD in a non-competition environment.

For all REGISTERED CrossFit Open Competitors heats will run from 11:30AM until everyone has finished.

We want EVERYONE to participate in these activities in one way or another. Even if you come in for one of the early sessions and do not compete, stick around, cheer and show your support for our competitors!! We need to show them some love as they tackle the challenge and represent CrossFit Rockland!

**If you would like to REGISTER TO COMPETE in the 2012 CrossFit Open CLICK HERE**


WOD – 2/1/12

Complete one ½ gasser on the minute for 8 minutes.


For time:
100 Evil Wheels

Post fastest sprint and time for evil wheels to comments.

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