So THAT’S what you learned in COLLEGE!!

I know Christmas is over, but this one was way to good to pass up and comes to you courtesy of CrossFit Football.


Ahhh….the life of a college student….home over the Winter and Summer sessions….a new life away from the parental units….and of course let us not forget Spring Break!!! I definitely would not want my parents to know all the shenanigans I was up too at school and thanks to the fact the we didn’t have Facebook or YouTube I don’t need to worry, but with the discovery of these two advances in social technology we can now see what the kids are up to while spending those hard earned college funds!! So lets have a look shall we….

Ps…If you happen to run across these guys at your beer pong game….RUN!!!!


Holiday Hours

New Years Eve – Morning Sessions ONLY (6am, 7am, 8am, 9am, 10 am)
New Years Day – CLOSED


WOD – 12/29/10

Split Jerk

Post weight(s) used for each of the 7 attempts to comments.

4 Replies to “So THAT’S what you learned in COLLEGE!!”

  1. Max split jerk 145 (PR is 165 with terrible form)….really trying to work on the form so kept it at 145. need some rest days…..

  2. Steve, very true!
    I did great considering…and am please. My max (until today) was 40kg or roughly 88#. I get confused with the conversions as I am used to lifting in kilos…. Today I PR'd at 93# and then again at 98#. I tried 103 but lost in behind. Hell, atleast my shoulders works that way….

    After that I did some light front squats as skill work. I have to check the weight…it's in my car. I did 10×2 on the minute.

    Finished up with a couple skin the cats and handstands on the rings.

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