Shoulder Press

The Mental Approach to CrossFit.


The CFR “Sweaty Sweetheart” week long event begins next week!!! Starting this Valentines Day bring your spouse, domestic partner, BF/GF, “Friend(s) with Benefits”, or whatever you crazy kids are calling it these days, to CrossFit Rockland and let them WOD along side you so you can show them what CrossFit is all about….Now that’s LOVE!!!


WOD – 2/9/11

Shoulder Press

Post weight(s) used for each of the five attempts to comments.

2 Replies to “Shoulder Press”

  1. Love the "Mental Approach to Crossfit"…would love to have that on the wall of the box!

    Great 10:30 class with John, Pat and Juli there was a whole lot of pressing going on. Kudos to Jesse from 9:30….HUGE numbers on his press!

    me: 95, 105, 115 (3), 105, 110, 115 (4)

  2. Awesome Steve O!!! Yeah, I was a witness to Jesse's "raw" strength. Kudos is right!!! He made it look easy too….

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