Running ALERT…..Running ALERT….

This is called “virtual shoveling”…..however, in the northeast, we do the real thing!!


As the heat wave rolls in….okay well maybe it is just like 5 degrees warmer, but still I figured it would be a great opportunity to get some more running in….YEY….and to spice things up a bit we are gonna do it with STYLE!! Today we are having a FUNKY SOCK DAY at CFR. Everyone is to add a pair of your craziest socks to your running attire. HA…and you thought those old 70’s socks had no purpose….ROCK’ EM!!!

Note: There are still some snowy/wet areas in the parking lot, so please be careful!!


Holiday Hours

New Years Eve – Morning Sessions ONLY (6am, 7am, 8am, 9am, 10 am)
New Years Day – CLOSED


WOD – 12/30/10

Four rounds for time of:
400m Run
50 Squats

Post time to comments.

11 Replies to “Running ALERT…..Running ALERT….”

  1. Rob just wants to show off his sexy lime greem knee highs haha Im gonna have to find something to top that

  2. and I was planning on coming tomorrow but there is no way in hell I am gonna run….not outside now with snow and ice and in the earlier morning hours.
    Can I do something else inside? Please? I will wear funky socks too I promise!

  3. Your totally right Chris…but today I rocked the bright orange ones!! I looked like a running construction sign….hahaha!!!!

  4. subbed 500m rows for 400m runs and did 25 squats per set
    4 sets of 500m row, 25 squats–17:08
    then after stretching those burning quads I wanted to see if my OHS is back post shoulder injury.
    (1 15kg snatch, 1 15kg OHS)x10

  5. thanks guys for being there to cheer me on. First time really squatting and even doing Oly work with the Inov-8s. Dont know that I would willingly repeat that. LOl

  6. Hate to say it Chris, but Rob's socks were the cats meow 😉 I hope you took a photo of yours so I can be the judge!
    Well done Serena!
    A little too active for a rest day Steve-O!! lol.

  7. Too sore to make the morning sessions. Did the WOD at home before the Syracuse bowl game. Posted 15:38. Hard to get motivated at home but glad I got the workout in.

  8. 15:31. My lungs were burning and had to watch out for the treacherous ice patch near the dumpster. 🙂 200 Squats killed me.

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