3 Replies to “Run Forrest….RUN!!!”

  1. SO, Forest Gump got me thinking…

    "Life is like a BOX…"

    If life were like a BOX, everyone would be a friend,
    We'd cheer for our competitors until the very end.
    If someone puked, they would get a high five,
    and for a rip on your palm, you would continue to strive.
    All would eat Paleo, think positive and be strong,
    All would have goals, work hard and feel like they belong.
    We would all wear Lululemon, and knee high socks,
    And life would be wonderful … If life were a BOX!

  2. Ah YES….more CrossFit Poetic Justice by Jackie!!! You totally ROCK!!! We are going have to give you your own llnk pretty soon!!!

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