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The 2013 CrossFit Open is set to begin with the announcement of the first WOD on March 6th! CrossFit Rockland will again be one of the registered CrossFit Affiliates to host all 5 weeks of the CrossFit Open. With that being said it is time to get organized…

During the 5 weeks for the 2013 CrossFit Open:

The 9AM class will be offered as normal. Everyone should sign-up for this class as usual using MBO.

The 10AM & 11AM classes will be cancelled in MBO and will be used for REGISTERED CrossFit Open Competitors. We will be running each weekend in 5 Heats according to the following schedule:

10:30AM – Athletes arrive
10:45AM – WOD Briefing/Standards
11:00AM – Heat #1
11:30AM – Heat #2
12:00PM – Heat #3
12:30PM – Heat #4
 1:00PM – Heat #5

These are only approximate Heat assignments based on the assumption that the CF Open WODs are 12-15 minute workouts. If the WODs programmed are less (for example, a 7 min AMRAP), then Heat assignments will be changed accordingly. Actual Heat assignments will be posted on our website each week on Friday.

As of now, each of the 5 Heats will have 5-7 athletes. You will be able to sign-up for your Heat at the box starting TODAY!!


**If you would like to REGISTER TO COMPETE in the 2013 CrossFit Open CLICK HERE**


WOD – 2/25/13

Power Clean

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