Picture Evidence!!

The PROOF is in….Eric J did INDEED get a muscle-up!! 


Last week was EPIC!!! Not only was it our first full week in the new space, but we had a 1 rep max effort deadlift day which saw some crazy PR’s, AND our resident FIREBREATHER Ray was competing in the 2011 CrossFit Northeast Regionals!!

Many of you were able to follow Ray’s progress throughout the weekend using the widget, but for those that were out of the loop, Ray finished 17th overall at the end of the weekend and has earned his place as one of the fiercest competitors in the Northeast! He threw down with some of the very best the sport has to offer and for that we are so very proud of him!


WOD – 6/20/11

Four rounds for time of:
Run 400m
50 Squats

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  1. Ray truly kicked a** and I have never seen such amazing sportsmanship and athleticism! He deserved to be in the top few…..

  2. He got burned PERIOD. And as his wife it was difficult to watch. I'll leave it at this, most of the men in the 1st heat the last day were unable to complete the WOD "Amanda." Which, repsectfully is a highly skilled wod, possibly the highest. With that Ray has an Amanda time of 6 minutes something. Most of these guys didn't even get past the first round. I'm sorry, but if you make it to the last day of the regionals, you best deserve to be there. In my opinion much of it this year was LUCK. Based on who you had as a judge. Ray was on his way to a well under 18 minute finish for the 100's workout until he had not just ONE, BUT THREE judges overseeihng him. Two of them were well respected level II judges EC and Karianne. EC has about 8 years expereience, and Karianne has at least 5. Most other athletes were being judged by Level I coaches, no offense, with limited experience. It was a tremendous disappointment to watch as his wife. I actually found myself in tears at one point, as his 100 repetitions of kettlebell swings soon turned into an exhasuting 200 as a result of insane and ridiculous kettlebell, as they call them, standards. We decided it was not a standard but an entirely new kettlebell movement. It was a disgrace to watch others get away with HUGE mistakes while Ray was berated. Ah, either way Ray is not bitter, and as per usual showed the most tremendous sportsmanship knwn in the CrossFit community. I can guarantee it!!! I am beyond proud of him, but I feel truly disguted with the blatant discrepancy of CrossFit HQ. The apparent favoritism was mind blowing!!! Bottom line, Ray was meant to be in the top 14 to compete the last day and he got F-CKED!!! That said by myself, Coach Drew, and Sarena, as we sat back in complete disgust while watching Ray so graciously complete the 100 WODS with an extra 200 reps!!!

  3. Well put Suz, I agree totally and spent a while last night reviewing videos from other regionals. And I found their KBs swings were not held to the same standards as Ray's, not were many of the OHS's below parallel. It is sickening to see certain athletes being held to different standards…there needs to be consistency in this sport NOW!

    As we all know, Ray is a phenomenal athlete and what happened to him was truly disgraceful

  4. Sorry mj, definitely not trick photography… I was a witness and took the photo! Well done EJ!!!

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