Do you have your tickets to the GUN show???


The “Post Open Blues” Party at CrossFit Rockland will be on Saturday, April 13th!

By now, you all know how we roll, but we want to make sure this is our BIGGEST shin dig yet and we want EVERYONE to attend!! Whether your a morning wodder, evening wodder or weekend warrior, get your a** to CFR, have a few beers and come meet some of those names on the whiteboard 🙂

This time the party starts at 3:30PM until ????


WOD – 4/4/13

Partner WOD

Complete as many rounds as possible in 18 minutes of:
10 Burpees
20 Walking lunges
30 Double-unders

*This is a two person workout in which Partner 1 begins the sequence above while Partner 2 does a 200m KB farmer’s carry. Once Partner 2 returns, he/she will pick-up where Partner 1 left off in the sequence while Partner 1 goes for the farmer’s carry. Men will use 53# kettlebells and women will use 35# kettlebells.

Post rounds completed to comments.