Ok it’s confirmed…..”Fran” is definitely on steriods!!!

WOD – 9/17/10

9-6-3 reps for time of:
165 pound Thruster

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3 Replies to “Ok it’s confirmed…..”Fran” is definitely on steriods!!!”

  1. Great job today 6am crew! Way to push through it and ladies….don't worry! You will get muscle ups soon. Keep working hard!

  2. i'm still surprised how badly a 9 minute workout can kick my ass. before i get muscle ups, i think i should work on dips! thanks always to the 6am crew for your suppport, enthusiasim and encouragement…

    and thanks to pete for having bloodier and grosser hands than mine!

  3. No worries jD…getting those dips will be easy, especially with your determination! Just keep at it! As a matter of fact, now that your becoming a double under queen, I can think of nothing better to add to that warm up…pull-ups and dips….YEY!

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