Oh “Diane” how we love thee!

Some friends from the land called Upstate NY and some others from across the Hudson pond!!


We love when friends drop in for a WOD or two and were super lucky yesterday to have our friends Caleb and Sarah from Albany CrossFit and Manny from CrossFit Westchester come  by and spend some quality time with us. You guys totally ROCK, I only hope next time someone…..not to name any names…MANNY…won’t get their shoe caught on the clip while doing a ring handstand push-up!! HA!!! We had a blast and can’t wait to see you guys again and SOON!!


WOD – 11/27/10


21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlift (225#/155#)
Handstand push-ups

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3 Replies to “Oh “Diane” how we love thee!”

  1. Hey All!!!

    I'm sorry I haven't been in =( Looks like things are going great!!! I was sick and hosted my first Thanksgiving in our new house, yay, as well as housing my wonderful in-laws for the week. They left today, back to Costa-Rica, and I BAWLED my eyes out =( Unfortunately I'm still pluggin away over at Premier, YUCK! It's convenient, plus babysitting is a bonus! Anyway, when's a good time for me to come by??? I hope all is well and everyone enjoyed precious time with family and friends =) Happy belated Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Hey Suz!!! Sorry bout the delay in getting back to you. I hope you had an amazing time hosting your first Thanksgiving in the new house despite that fact that you were sick 🙂 Things have been FANTASTIC at the box!! You should SO be training with US until Ray has his box up and running!! I know we don't have daycare, but you can't beat training at a box, especially when it's in ROCKLAND!! We have classes going 6,7,8,9,10 AM and 5,6,7 PM so get your butt over here!!!

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